Impressive mix of the mystery, thriller, and horror genres

I must admit that this book took me by surprise throughout the entire reading experience. That is not to say however, that I had expected a lacking read by any means. To explain, I find my experience with books that fall between the categories of mystery, thriller, and horror usually lack a commitment to at least one of the listed genres. With the exception of renowned writers that have dominated the mix of these, such as Steven King and Dean Koontz. With that being said, it's a tall order to live up to when comparing new works to those written by such esteemed well seasoned competitors. The surprise is not that I had expected this title to lack somewhere in the three listed genres, but that Kearney nailed all three to the wall so effortlessly!I am happy to say that you can't pre-judge a new title based on past disappointments from others. From the very beginning you are undeniably drawn into the mystery aspect of the story, and find yourself mentally calculating in an attempt to jump ahead of Kearney. Which for me says a lot; if you can figure everything out without much thought before the author reveals it, chances are they aren't meant to be mystery writers. On the other hand, if you are already immersed in the details well into the first fifty pages, then they are most likely on the right path to the realm of mystery writing.The suspenseful aspect of the thriller genre is undeniably present throughout They Only Come Out at Night. It is not only recognizable in terms of the mystery itself but also in terms of the horrors that Kearney presents to us. Speaking of the horrors that are offered in this title, I must applaud Kearney for not holding back an ounce of grit in regards to some of the devastating events that take place. As the reader you are given enough detail to fully visualize the nightmarish horrors before you in the pages you read, but not so much detail that you become lost or even disinterested in the context of the events. I will definitely state that for some readers this title may not be an appropriate choice for you. If you are easily turned away by violence (of any nature) or gore than you may want to avoid this great read. However, I will also restate that Kearney gives just enough detail to engulf your emotions but not so much that you can't even withstand reading the horrible details.Overall, I not only greatly enjoyed reading They Only Come Out at Night but would highly recommend it to those who enjoy a great tangled dance of the mystery, thriller, and horror genres. Due to this titles genres I regret to inform that I will not give any actual hints or details away, because I don't want to ruin the mystery for anyone else (although I will sneak in that the ending throws you a bit). I also remind, on an end note, that this title may be more appropriate for adults, and of the not so squeamish kind.

-A Secret Book Affair

A new horror and unique horror story

This book was a unique and interesting read. The violence and horror in the book is described in full detail. Not recommended for a younger audience.This story was a refreshing change from what I normally read. It is a horror story and a mystery. I have to say I could not figure this one out but I know I would not be riding the subways late at night. Melissa, the main character, was very well written. She was afraid but still brave. She was also independent and did not want someone to take care of her like she was helpless.The background of Melissa and her family and their tragedy helped set the mood for the story. The decisions that Melissa made as well as the course of events that takes place made this story feel more authentic. In a word something evil is stalking the subway system.I admit the ending took me by surprise. That is not how I expected this story to end but it was a good ending. If you are looking for a good horror story I would recommend checking this one out.


Stay Out of the Subway--It's Not Natural

Character study balanced with uproarious action scenes of horror and carnage characterize this novel, set in the subways and the aboveground locales of New York City. Riding the subways has always included an expectation of crime, including mugging, robbery, and assault. But murders aren't expected, aren't as common belowground, as now; suddenly someone -or perhaps something--is targeting lone commuters, those who stay out too late at work or at classes, and so are alone embarking on a subway train or departing one. Next are attacks on subway employees, including a conductor. Eventually it seems no one is safe in the subway; but what could be causing the extraordinary level of violence involved, of murders seeming to require superhuman or beyond human strength and agility? The race is on for law enforcement to target the culprit or culprits, and for the reader to race to the end to find out: Who? What? How? And Why now? One woman, Melissa, lost her mother and nearly lost her father in an unprecedentedly brutal subway assault some years back. Now she fears that the Subway Slayer may also be targeting her, or possibly her boss/boyfriend, or even her father, who had survived the initial attack which killed his wife.

-Mallory Anne-Marie Haws


What a Wild Ride!!

This story was so brutal at first, I almost didn't make it through the first chapter. I am really glad that I did stick with it. Great and easy read. Very scary!!!

-Brandy Nicole Havers (Amazon customer)

A really good read

The novel overall was good on the basis that it captured the elements that portray an American horror story. What caused me to write this review was chapter one where it was gruesome enough to the point that I wanted to take action, and pursue the individuals who perpetrated this crime. But as you progress in the novel you can see the authors' genius, and start to develop a pattern that the creatures follow in choosing their victims. In order to not ruin the book by revealing any spoilers, all I can say is this book will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

-Maj. Nellis (Amazon customer)

Could not stop reading this book

Very graphic first chapter but sets the mood for the story. Being a New Yorker brought back memories but also now will make me wonder when I am alone about the noises that I hear coming from the tunnel late at night when taking the subway......outstanding horror book to read.

-ezflyer13 (Amazon customer)


F.M. Kearney’s They Only Come Out at Night is a creepy tale of subway murder and mayhem. Factor in a supernatural twist and you’ve got yourself a pretty compelling story. Living on the West Coast I don’t encounter subways all too often, but that doesn’t work at all to damper the fear that Kearney generates. This is a creepy story that’s bound to terrify anyone transferring from train to train en route to work and back. It’s unsettling and drives the paranoia mobile at a hasty rate.Initially the opening of the novel left me somewhat turned off. The opening 30 pages or so call for full-fledged suspension of belief. After a 30-minute long robbery, beating, rape and violent murder, on a heavily crowded subway platform realism comes into question. Now, I understand that these kinds of things can and have – very, very – rarely occurred in the US, but it’s a pretty bold, near-unbelievable setup that forces the reader to embrace the most outlandish scenarios possible. However Kearney eases off supremely unlikely situation as such, and moves right into a tale that keeps the cauldron of tension boiling.Melissa was being babysat the night her parents took that fateful subway ride. While her mother and unborn sibling were slaughtered, the old man made it out alive. For years he lived a broken lifestyle until one day he upped and took off, leaving a now-grown Melissa to find her own way in the world. And that’s just what she’s done. She’s living a reasonably successful life in New York when suddenly NY travelers begin popping up dead as a century old cliché in the subway systems, and Melissa’s dormant fears crawl to the surface. What’s worse, it seems someone is trailing her, targeting a new victim. Just as Melissa believes she’s traveled her final course on the subway, her father Matthew reemerges, out of nowhere. The two attempt to bond and close the lengthy gap they’ve spent apart, but it isn’t easy, and there’s something awkward about Matthew… the subway slayings seem to coincide with his return to the big city. Is there something the old man’s hiding, or has he arrived just in time to see that his daughter isn’t another subway statistic.Kearney’s story focuses as much on familial relationships as it does the nefarious acts that take place beneath the city’s streets. The approach works rather well, and we’re given a nice strong buildup to a conclusion that – most – will likely predict by the midway point of the novel. The fact that outright grotesqueries aren’t afforded marquee attention is nice, and allows the reader to get to know the story’s pivotal players. And while I think a clean 50 pages could have been trimmed to create a faster pace tale, I’m not about to issue too many complaints as the ship isn’t sunk by wordiness.Kearney is a polished writer with a knack for the big payoff. The final pages of the book are rather fulfilling, and the ascension to that point doesn’t let down. They Only Come Out at Night should frighten certain commuters and send goosebumps up and down the arms of anyone who can relate to the dreaded daily commute. The antagonists are eerie, and their unrelenting penchant for violence strikes a chord. Is They Only Come Out at Night a terrifying novel? No, I wouldn’t say so. I would however label it quite creepy and a damn joy to read!

-Matt Molgaard (Horror Novel Reviews)

You'll Never Use the Subway Again

They Only Come Out at Night is a dark, gripping tale which is not for the faint hearted. From the first chapter, you are made fully aware of Kearney’s ability to spare no detail in the most important scenes. Be under no doubt, these scenes are gritty and dark, and will leave many readers uncomfortable with their graphic detail. Brutal beatings, sexual assault and general mystery/horror are primary keywords for this tale. Don’t confuse this warning as an insult to the book, it’s certainly not. This is an engrossing tale, and apart from being highly descriptive, Kearney’s greatest strength is the mystery. Too often now, a reader can accurately guess the plot of a book before reaching the half waypoint. I’ve done it plenty of times myself, and it does sap some of the enjoyment out of reading. This doesn’t happen with Kearney. Till the very ending, I was left guessing, just like a true mystery novel should do to the reader.


I’m not going to do a plot review – it’s difficult with this book. Anything I give away could spoil the read. When reading, feel free to let your mind cast forward to try and figure out exactly where Kearney is going with the plotline. Trust me, you’ll still be pleasantly surprised. The ‘creatures’ aren’t your usual ‘run of the mill’ things that have been written about before, skulking around in dark places of a metropolis. No, they are fearsome beings, and you’ll slowly discover just what exactly happens in those dark subways at night.


Final Comments

For a price of $5.27, this isn’t exactly a kindle bargain. However, the plot is strong, and the writing detailed and sufficiently developed to keep your attention. If you are a fan of mystery, intertwined with horror, you might want to consider this book. Be warned, this is certainly a book tailored towards adults, and there are some editing and grammatical issues present but I’ve seen far worse in other books. At most, these are minor ailments.With the EBook market saturated, it’s difficult to find a good read. This is one of them.You’ll think twice before venturing into the subway on your own after reading this!

I sense a sequel....

They Come out at Night- F. Kearney: This ended up being a pleasant surprise for me. I was expecting something else. Although this was not what I expected I found this highly entertaining. There were a few spots where I thought too much time was spent on details or back history. After reading several paragraphs of “trivial” content, I admit I skipped over about a handful of pages altogether. That’s not too bad. The author will learn how to keep us well informed in fewer words so that the meat of the story can continue before losing the reader.

I adore Melissa and felt for her sorrows. She is a very young woman to have endured such tragedies in her short life.
The author is highly talented and creative. I stayed perplexed but did manage did figure out part of the ending...but only a small part. I was surprised. The ending left me full of questions. I sense a sequel..perhaps? The ending is a perfect set-up for one.
The was spooky and brought the chicken out in me. I am a country bumpkin who is afraid of things that go bump in the night.

-Zona (Amazon Customer)

Scary subway

This was mixture of mystery and horror, it had you sucked in from page one. The violence is described fully and should not be read by young children. Melissa was scared but also brave,she did not want anyone to feel sorry for her or take of her. After reading this book I won't be riding the subway anytime soon. You will never be able to guess the ending I couldn't. A great read.

***I was given this book by the publisher for an honest review*****